Changing your diet, starting an exercise program and giving up bad habits require effort and support. We encourage you to take advantage of our four Week/28day Immersion program to fast track you on a journey to healthy living. Our Immersion program is combined with personal Nutritional and Medical Coaching to help you and your family achieve optimum health.

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About Us

Denise Bradford - Team Leader

WFPB Integrated Medical Coach I.A.W.P.
B.A.hons (U.Q.) M.A.(G.U.), R.N. (P.A.H.)

丹尼斯·布拉德福德 TEAM LEADER

WFPB 综合医疗教练 I.A.W.P. 

Hi Everyone! I am excited to be here with all of you at the start of your journey! 

大家好! 在你们的旅程开始时,我很高兴能和大家一起来到这里!


My role as team leader, is to work with my team to provide you with useful and practical information and support in shifting to a Whole Foods Plant-Based No Oil (WFPBNO) way of living. I recognize how challenging this can be at times. I believe that our team and this program, can provide you with not only the knowledge of how POWERFUL Plants are in healing the body but how to use them wisely to achieve good health. As you grow in understanding, your ability to use these very powerful tools will increase and you will find what was so challenging before, not only becomes easy but is fun and fulfilling.



Our greatest desire is to empower each one of you so that you feel confident in having the skills and the knowledge you need to keep you on your journey.

我们最大的愿望是赋予你们每个人力量, 这样你们才能自信地拥有保持你旅行所需的技能和知识。







Hi everyone! I am happy to be part of the support team for this WFPBNO program. As a biotechnologist, I’m familiar with the processes running in the cells of your body and the impact on them of food which you use to take.  I’m passionate about cooking and baking and I believe strongly that food should be our fuel, medicine and pleasure in one :)


大家好!我很高兴成为这个为期六周计划的支持团队的一员。作为一名生物科学家,我熟悉在身体细胞中运行的过程,以及你的食物对它们的影响。 我对烹饪和烘焙充满热情,我坚信食物应该是我们的燃料,医药和乐趣!

Monica Bielec – ASSISTANT COACH - Biotechnologist
莫妮卡·比耶勒克 – 助理教练 生物科学


Essential Wellness
“Plant Strong” Program holds nothing back from helping you to have the quality of life you want and deserve.  We show you what you need to successfully change your diet and lifestyle in order to quickly regain control of your health and appearance. Our “Plant Strong” Program puts recovery from chronic disease and the attainment of excellent health within everyone’s reach. 

植物力量"计划助你获得高质量的生命方式。 为重新拥有健康的体态,做健康的主人,我们会告诉您如何改变饮食和生活方式。我们的"植物力量"计划对很多慢性疾病都有帮助,让人人都能轻易获得健康。