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For wider availability of our classes we provide WFPBNO Workshops focusing on particular nutrition aspects (How to apply healthy protein bodybuilding diet? How to prepare healthy sweets and desserts without sugar? How to make your own tofu, yoghurt or sauerkraut?) or WFPBNO World Cuisine Workshops introducing healthy meals from all over the world (Indian Cuisine, Chinese Snacks, Mexican Cuisine,…)

WFPBNO研习班:为了使我们的课程更具实用性,我们提供WFPBNO研习班,专注于特定的营养方面(如何应用健康的蛋白质健美饮食?如何准备不含糖的健康糖果和甜点?怎么自己做出豆腐, 酸植物奶喝泡菜?)或WFPBNO世界美食研讨会,介绍来自世界各地的健康美食(印度菜,中国小吃,墨西哥菜,…)

  • Price: 288元 including healthy lunch!
  • 费用:288元 包括美味的午饭

doTerra DIY class

Meet natural power of essential oils! Learn how to use them to replace artificial cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, household chemicals. Bring amazing scents to your life and let them make you feel better and be healthier!

  • Book delicious lunch/dinner in advance
  • only 58元 (add WeChat)

“Plants for the Planet” MOVIE NIGHT
"地球植物" 电影

Movies, which we invite you to watch together, can change whole your perception about what is going on in this World. They can show you what is outside the “bubble” which all the Media put us in. Do you want to know the truth? Come!


  • Book delicious dinner in advance
  • Only 58元 (add WeChat)

Plants for the Planet PotLUCK

If you like to chill with friends on Friday evening, but would like to get more healthy alternative than going out to the bar, come for PotLUCK! We share delicious food, make friends and spend Friday evening in lovely atmosphere ;) Bring one Plant Based meal you want to share with us and enjoy the buffet for free! No time for cooking? - tip just 50元!

如果你想在周五晚上和朋友们一起放松下,但又想选一个比酒吧更健康的地方,那就来来波特拉克吧!我们分享美味的食物,结交朋友,在可爱的氛围中度过周五晚上;) 带上一份您想与我们分享的植物餐,免费享用自助餐!没时间做饭了?- 小费只有50元!


BBB Birth, Breastfeeding & Beyond

BBB has been created as an ongoing support group for ALL Ningbo mothers at any stage: pregnant, having a newborn as well as growing kid. BBB is held in the style of a women’s circle and is intended to be a safe space where all mothers can come, seek guidance, share wisdom, and take time to connect with themselves and others. A safe space for face to face connection, friendship and collaboration. Babies, children, partners and significant support people are most welcome to come along.

BBB已经成为一个为所有的宁波母亲在任何阶段提供持续支持的团体:怀孕、妊娠,抚养孩子。BBB以女性圈子的风格举行,旨在成为一个安全的空间。所有的母亲都可以来这里,寻求指导,分享智慧,并花时间与周围的母亲以及其他人建立联系。这是一个面对面联系、建立友谊以及相互协作的安全空间。特别欢迎婴儿、儿童、伙伴和支持者的加入。 CHECK IN THE CALENDAR ON THE COMING BBB! Book delicious lunch for you and your Baby in advance for only

  • 58元! (add WeChat)

Kids PlayGroup

Play Group has been set up to unite Kids and Parents in the playful, healthy atmosphere. The program includes play time, English story time, Music Fun and kids free interaction. You can bring your toys, let's share! Moreover, we provide support for the Parents willing to get advices for raising healthy children, in terms of kids activities, building non-toxic home as well as kid diet.

游戏小组已经成立,旨在使孩子和家长共同沉浸在俏皮,健康的气氛中。节目包括游戏时间,英语故事时间,音乐乐趣和儿童自由互动。你可以带上你的玩具,让我们分享吧! 此外,对于想要寻求如何抚养健康孩子建议的父母,我们会提供支持,包括儿童活动、建设无毒家庭以及儿童饮食。

  • EVERY TUESDAY 10:00-12:30
  • Book delicious lunch for you and your Baby in advance for only 58元! (add WeChat)

WFPBNO - Whole Food Plant Based No Oil Course

Essential Wellness “Plant Strong” Program holds nothing back from helping you to have the quality of life you want and deserve. We show you what you need to successfully change your diet and lifestyle in order to quickly regain control of your health and appearance. Our “Plant Strong” Program puts recovery from chronic disease and the attainment of excellent health within everyone’s reach.


Changing your diet, starting an exercise program and giving up bad habits require effort and support. We encourage you to take advantage of our four Week/28day Immersion program to fast track you on a journey to healthy living. Our Immersion program is combined with personal Nutritional and Medical Coaching to help you and your family achieve optimum health.


  • Charge: 2998元 VIP "everlasting" entrance + online support;
  • 费用:2998元 VIP 会员卡